ACDC Drumming Legend: Colin Burgess Jams

Hey rock fans, it’s a bittersweet moment as we wave goodbye to the heartbeat of ACDC, Colin Burgess. The OG drummer who helped shape the sound of an era has left the stage at 77. Let’s dive into the memories, cranking up the tunes that made us air-drum along.

A Drummer’s Tale: ACDC Mourns:

The rock universe is feeling a bit quieter with the news of Colin Burgess, the original AC/DC drummer, passing away. AC/DC took to Insta with a heavy heart, sharing the news and throwing in a “rock in peace, Colin” to honor the man who kept the beat when AC/DC was just starting to rock.


Back in the Day: Burgess Joins ACDC:

Picture this: 1973, the birth of AC/DC, and in walks Colin Burgess, sticks in hand, ready to set the rhythm. With a crew that included Angus and Malcolm Young, Larry Van Kriedt, and Dave Evans, AC/DC’s was gearing up to unleash some serious rock vibes.

ACDC Drumming Legend: Colin Burgess Jams

Drumming Beats: Burgess’s ACDC Gig:

For a short but sweet time, Burgess was in the pocket as AC/DC’s drummer. Those beats echoed in the early tracks, laying the groundwork for the rock and roll juggernaut  would become. The music scene was about to witness greatness.

Rock Goodbye: Burgess Exits AC/DC:

Life in a rock band is a wild ride, and sometimes it takes unexpected turns. Burgess’s journey with AC/DC’s was a year-long adventure that sadly came to an end. The details are hazy, but what’s clear is that his drumming left a lasting mark.

AC/DC’s Anthem: “Highway to Hell”:

Let’s talk anthems. Burgess’s influence reverberated in the iconic “Highway to Hell.” Yeah, that headbanger that’s probably playing in your head right now. The rhythm he laid down became the backbone of AC/DC’s early sound.

Legacy Jams On: Cheers to Colin Burgess:

Despite the short stint, Burgess’s drumming legacy lives on. He was a key player in the AC/DC playbook, helping write the first few chapters of their rock saga. As we tip our hats to Colin Burgess, we’re cranking up the volume and reliving the beats that rocked our world.

Conclusion: Drumming into the Sunset:

In the grand story of rock, Colin Burgess was the guy keeping time when AC/DC was just a garage band dreaming big. So here’s to the drummer who gave us the beats that fueled our air-drumming sessions. Rock on, Colin Burgess.