Pedro Alonso Back as ‘Berlin’ in Netflix’s New Heist Flick!

Hey, “Money Heist” fans, get pumped because Pedro Alonso, the dude who rocked the role of Berlin, is making a comeback in the Netflix prequel called “Berlin.” It’s dropping on December 29, and it’s gonna be a wild ride with our favorite carefree, kinda crazy thief.

Pedro Alonso : Spillin’ the Beans on Berlin:

So, I caught up with Pedro Alonso in a video call, and he spilled the beans on playing Berlin. He had a good laugh, saying when he read the script, he was like, “What are people gonna think of this guy? He’s like an emotional terrorist!” Classic Berlin, right? We all loved him for being a bit nuts in “Money Heist,” and now he’s back for more in the prequel.

Pedro Alonso Back as 'Berlin' in Netflix's New Heist Flick!

Pedro Alonso Flashback Time:

“Berlin” is taking us back to the beginning, giving us the lowdown on where Berlin came from and why he’s the way he is. For those die-hard “Money Heist” fans, it’s a chance to dig into Berlin’s past and see how he became the cool thief we adore today.

Pedro Alonso Berlin Journey:

Let’s talk about Pedro Alonso crushing it as Berlin. The dude brought serious charisma and depth to the character in “Money Heist.” From rocking a carefree vibe to showing vulnerability, Alonso nailed it. Now, in “Berlin,” we’re gonna get even more of his killer performance and find out what makes Berlin tick.

Fresh Heists, Fresh Drama:

But hold up, “Berlin” ain’t just a trip down memory lane. There’s gonna be new heists, new challenges, and you bet it’s gonna keep us on the edge of our seats. They’re keeping the vibe of “Money Heist” but throwing in some spicy twists to keep things interesting.


Save the Date – December 29:

Circle December 29 on your calendar, people! That’s when “Berlin” is droppin’, and we can all binge-watch Pedro Alonso doing his thing as Berlin. Whether you’re a “Money Heist” veteran or a total noob to the heist scene, this prequel’s gonna be a blast – full of suspense, laughs, and that signature style that made “Money Heist” a worldwide hit.


Closing Thoughts:

“Berlin” isn’t just bringing back our fave character; it’s giving us a fresh take on the whole heist world. Pedro Alonso’s return as Berlin guarantees a crazy, fun time that’ll leave us wanting more. So, get ready to kick back, grab your snacks, and join the ride through Berlin on December 29 – it’s gonna be epic!